FIRST THEY IGNORE YOU: Part Two - Building Nordic gender equality


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In the second of our episodes about how progressive victories were won, we're looking at gender equality and why the Nordic nations seem to be so far ahead of most of the world. What is it about the culture, society, and politics of the region? What role did women's movements play? And is there something in the water/snow, or can it inspire us to do better?

To help us understand the history and policy of the region, we're joined by Mari Teigen - a research professor at the Institute for Social Research in Oslo. Kristín Ástgeirsdóttir, a former member of Parliament and member of the famous Red Stocking Movement joins us from Iceland, and we're joined by Dr Alison Parken lecturer at Cardiff University Business School and an independent research consultant to understand how the UK can learn from the Nordics—- and how Wales already is.

Plus, Geoff quizzes Ed for some advice on a sensitive matter

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