- Episode Drop 1: The Critshow


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Welcome to The Critshow’s ‘Other Side of the Coin’ Universe, where the Keeper, Rev, will introduce you to our heroes, Jake, Tass, and TJ as they accept a mission from the Indianapolis Paranormal Taskforce. They battle with light switches and rigging rope as something devious lurks in the shadows… ------ Critshow Podcast: https://apple.co/3ofdB9r Critshow Website: https://bit.ly/3AP0HSV Critshow Twitter: https://bit.ly/3zQmmJl Critshow Subreddit: https://bit.ly/3m07Jy8 Critshow Instagram: https://bit.ly/3ohrKTp ------ This episode of The Critshow featured Jake as the Divine, TJ as the Mundane, Tass as the Professional, and Rev as The Keeper. This episode was edited by Brandon (Rev) Wentz with music by Jake Pierle.

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