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Friends join us to discuss Cabin, a proposal that encourages more Linux apps and fewer distros.

Plus, we debate the value that the Ubuntu community brings to Canonical, and share a pick for audiobook fans.

0:00 Pre-Show
0:48 Intro
0:54 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru
1:00:25 Outro
1:01:38 Post-Show
2:25 Future of Ubuntu Community
6:51 Ubuntu Community: Popey Responds
9:31 Ubuntu Community: Stuart Langridge Responds
16:26 Ubuntu Community: Mark Shuttleworth Responds
17:30 BTRFS Workflow Developments
19:09 Linux Kernel 5.9 Performance Regression
24:48 SPONSOR: Linode
27:34 Cabin
29:48 Cabin: More Apps, Fewer Distros
33:41 Cabin: Building Small Apps
36:40 Cabin: What is a Cabin App?
44:34 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru
45:20 Feedback: Fedora 33 Bug-A-Thon
47:53 Goin' Indy Update
49:40 Submit Your Linux Prepper Ideas
50:11 Feedback: Dev IDEs
54:15 Feedback: Nextcloud
58:20 Picks: Cozy

Special Guests: Alan Pope, Drew DeVore, and Stuart Langridge.

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