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We get an update from PipeWire developer Wim Taymans on the status of Linux's new audio and video subsystem.

Plus Alexi Pol joins us for two big updates from the KDE community.

0:00 Pre-Show
1:30 Intro
1:49 SPONSOR: A Cloud Guru
2:56 Linux Action News Returns!
4:17 Ubuntu 20.10 Embraces Active Directory
12:58 Pipewire Progress with Wim Tayman
7:26 DebConf 2020
23:26 SPONSOR: Linode
25:28 Akademy 2020
33:41 Housekeeping
36:19 SPONSOR: Unplugged Core Contributors
38:08 Jono Bacon's Book Club
39:05 Feedback: Apline Server Challenge
40:15 Feedback: Remote Office
44:05 Picks: SC-IM
45:11 Picks: Present
47:30 Outro
48:49 Post-Show

Special Guests: Aleix Pol, Brent Gervais, Drew DeVore, Neal Gompa, and Wim Taymans.

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