Episode 65 - Anger Management


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Is anger all bad? What’s the difference between healthy, constructive anger and unhealthy, destructive anger? In this episode, Kayla Craig leads a vulnerable discussion about anger, emotions, and faith with Lindsy Wallace, Alissa Molina, and Gina Ciliberto.

Have you ever wondered: Is God an angry God? Should Christians get angry? Should women get angry? Could we use our anger to change the world?

In this episode, we:

  • Unpack what we were taught about anger growing up in the church, by our families of origin, and from society.
  • Explore how “angry” has been weaponized against women, especially black women and women of color.
  • Define the difference between constructive healthy anger vs. destructive toxic anger.
  • Explore what made Jesus angry and what that tells us about “righteous” anger.

Join us as we explore space for anger in the Christian tradition. May we be holistic people who listen to our bodies, minds, and souls...who neither ignore anger nor dwell in it, but move through it in constructive action.

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