Episode 66 - Fullness of Our Humanity with Sister Didi: Increasing Capacity for Care


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We’re exploring the fullness of our humanity: the good, the bad, and how to hold space for each other. In this episode, we welcome guest Sister Didi Madden, a Dominican Sister of Blauvelt, NY. Sister Didi is a psychotherapist, a farmer, and the justice promoter for a collaboration of Dominican congregations in NY and NJ. She currently works on Harmony Farm in Goshen, NY.

In this episode, we:

  • Begin to unpack the both/and of humanity
  • Ask what is the need that people are living out of
  • Explore how categorization creates division
  • Address how to respond with invitation
  • Are challenged to learn to celebrate what is different

Host Gina Ciliberto leads the conversation with Lindsy Wallace and Kayla Craig.

Join us as we explore how to develop the capacity to be in relationship fully with each other, even as we are afraid and without all the answers. May we be people who answer the invitation to meet people and not categorize them, and be able to see with eyes of faith who the person is.

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