Season 4 | Episode 72 - We’re Not Going Back to Normal: Who Will We Be When This is Over?


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This global pandemic has only magnified the fractures in our systems -- and even in our own hearts. In our final episode of season four, we’re asking this question: How do we not go back to the way things were before COVID-19? In our country, in our world, in our neighborhoods, in our our own hearts? We don’t want to go back to normal. How can we pursue God’s Upside Down Kingdom...even now? Especially now?

In this episode, we:

  • Share what life looks like, where we are
  • Examine productivity as Worth within the Christian culture
  • Look at rest as resistance
  • Ask how can we begin to live like we belong to each other
  • Talk about who we have been learning from during the pandemic

Join us as we work to be people who turn our gaze outward. May we live in the “and both” where we build our connection to Jesus and work for justice in a world in desperate need of love.

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