Season 5 | Episode 73: The Necessity of Life: What does it mean to be for life in 2020?


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What does it mean to be for life in 2020? Join us for Season 5 with the hosts you know, founders Kayla Craig and Lindsy Wallace, veteran Alissa Molina, and our newest voice, Patricia Taylor to kick off a season of exploring what is needed in spirituality, justice, culture, and community.
In this episode, we:

  • Evaluate ‘pro-life’ as Jesus intended for abundant life in 2020
  • Grieve what happens to the message and witness of Jesus when professing followers of God are unwilling to lay down life and liberties
  • Seek to follow Jesus in working for a “more and better life than they ever dreamed of”
  • Discuss what it means to vote for a ‘pro-life’ President
  • Share practical ways we can honor life in our communities

Join us as we thoughtfully explore what it means to champion an abundant life in Christ. May we model Jesus in the way we value the Imago Dei in us all.
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