Season 5 | Episode 84: The Necessity of Growth with Justin McRoberts


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How do you know when you’ve grown, and how does that growth show up in other parts of your life? Speaker, author, musician, curator, and previous podcast guest Justin McRoberts talks with co-hosts Kayla Craig and Patricia Taylor about what growth does in us in our faith, our relationships, and the risks we must take.

In this episode, we:

  • Chat about Justin’s upcoming book, It Is What You Make of It
  • Reflect on the act of discernment and the sense of possibility the process can give us
  • Challenge the idea of certainty and “getting it right” when it comes to discernment and how that way of thinking impacts our view of God
  • Discuss the freedom to explore new things that comes with a deep sense of safety
  • Talk about the role of mentors, coaches, and community as well as the significance of having people invest in your growth for the long haul
  • Ask what our measurement for success is and how we even define it
  • Discuss storytelling and the power it has to invite others to enter into something that’s different or new to them

Join us as we talk with Justin about deconstruction, reconstruction, and the process of evolving.

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