Season 5 | Episode 86: The Necessity of (Kingdom) Economics


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Is there truly enough for everyone, and do we really believe there is abundance? Hosts Alissa Molina, Patricia Taylor, Kayla Craig, and Lindsy Wallace discuss what it means to live out of a posture of abundance in a world that has conditioned us to believe in scarcity.

In this episode, we:

  • Talk about how we seem to embrace the concept of spiritual abundance yet struggle with the idea of abundance of what we have in this world
  • Discuss how the mindset of scarcity is incompatible with what we profess to believe and how the economic system of our culture thrives on a scarcity
  • Dive into how we shift what we believe “enough” means and how much we need
  • Consider whether or not our economic system is an idol and a place from which we draw our sense of security
  • Cover the impact that grind culture, meritocracy, and white supremacy have on our relationships, time, priorities, and more

Join us for this thought-provoking conversation about kingdom economics. We hope that it catalyzes honest conversations with your community related to stewardship and taking a posture of abundance together.

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