Season Five | Episode 83: The Necessity of Lent


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What would it look like if we experienced the Lenten season as a time in which we find God in all things, including the suffering? Writer Cameron Bellm and co-host Alissa Molina have a rich conversation about “the ministry of beautiful hard” and how Lent is an invitation for all of us.

In this episode, we:

  • Talk about the act of joining and seeking to identify with Christ during the Lenten season
  • Consider Lent as a sacred invitation to draw near and to enter into the suffering we’re already experiencing with contemplation
  • Dispel the idea that repentance is about shame
  • Discuss how Lent is not an olympic sport, and the way we each engage it is unique to what brings us close to God
  • Talk about Cameron’s partnership with Lauren of Brick House in the City to create a devotional that helps folks walk this Lenten path with a diverse group of saints
  • Ponder the metaphor of the lotus flower: something beautiful that blooms out of a challenging place

Join us as we have a conversation about walking through Lent from the posture of paying attention to what draws us near to God and deeper into the mystery.

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