TFP 181: The Mindset, Routines, and Training Secrets of an ATP Pro with Nathan Pasha


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On Episode 181 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I spoke with ATP Pro Nathan Pasha about how you can elevate your training, mindset, routines and technique.

Nathan has been ranked as high as #119 in the world in doubles and #507 in singles on the ATP Tour. Before turning pro, Nathan played college tennis at the University of Georgia where he reached #19 in the nation and UGA was ranked as high as #2. Nathan is now focusing his efforts exclusively on mastering doubles and is poised to crack the top 100. He also maintains a website at where he shares his tournament results, travel experiences, achievements, and tennis insights.

On the show, you’ll learn how to prepare for your matches like a pro, what to do in-between points to stay focused, how self-awareness plays a huge part in your tennis development, how Nathan analyzes his matches and creates practice plans based on his observations, technique fundamentals for the flex volley, the key change that Nathan made to his serve technique to gain more spin and power, one of the most important principles to being a good tennis coach, and much more!

I hope you enjoy my interview with Nathan! Let us know what you think about this episode in the comments below!

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