TFP 189: The 7 Most Impactful Changes That Transformed My Tennis Game


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On Episode 189 of The Tennis Files Podcast, you’ll learn the most important changes I’ve made to how I approach training and thinking about tennis that has transformed my game.

The top pros make tennis look simple, but it is far from an easy game. All of us have gone through struggles and obstacles in tennis and we need to keep figuring out ways how to improve to reach our potential. Sometimes it can take months or years to make a breakthrough, but we have to trust the process and consistently put in the work.

In this episode, you’ll learn how I think about strategy and tactics, the importance of self-assessment, key training principles that I have learned from interviewing hundreds of top tennis experts, the approach to your practices and matches that yields maximum improvement, and much more!

I really hope you enjoy the show! If there is a particularly useful piece of advice that you discovered from it, let me know in the comments below.

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