TFP 191: Emotional Intelligence and Maximizing Your Potential with Joshua Oxley


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On Episode 191 of The Tennis Files Podcast, coach Joshua Oxley talks about the importance of emotional intelligence and how to maximize your tennis potential.

I connected with Josh through Clubhouse where he hosts a morning audio room answering players’ questions to help them improve with fellow coach Yannick Schramm. Josh was a highly ranked ITF junior and has played pro level tournaments. His 15 years of experience in the tennis industry includes working with Katy Dunne (ranked 180 WTA), Amanda Carreras (ranked 236 WTA) and Suzy Larkin (ranked 600 WTA).

On the show, you’ll learn the concept of emotional intelligence and how can it affect your play, the difference between emotional intelligence and mental toughness, how to deal with negative thoughts and distractions that can derail your game, insights from his work with WTA players, and much more!

I hope you enjoy my interview with Josh! Let us know what you think about this episode in the comments below!

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