TFP 192: How to Develop Successful Junior and College Tennis Players with Lisa Stone


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On Episode 192 of The Tennis Files Podcast, I interviewed Lisa Stone, the founder of Parenting Aces, to talk about how to develop successful junior and college tennis players.

Lisa has created one of the most valuable resources for tennis parents and junior players with her Parenting Aces platform. Fortunately for us, she took the initiative to research and find the best information on how to develop junior players after being urged to do so by a fellow tennis parent. Lisa hosts The Parenting Aces Podcast, a weekly show which is also on the Tennis Channel Podcast Network. She has interviewed many of the most well-known coaches and experts about the junior and college game.

On the show, you’ll learn the biggest mistakes tennis parents make when trying to help their kids succeed in tennis, the current issues surrounding the USTA’s junior ranking system, what colleges are looking for in junior players and how to have the best chance of getting a scholarship, how to choose the right coach for your junior player, the top tips and lessons Lisa has learned from her guests on The Parenting Aces Podcast, and much more!

I hope you enjoy my interview with Lisa! Let us know what you think about this episode in the comments below!

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