#70 - Pat, RPA Operator


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This is a really special episode where we talk to Pat, a current RPA operator. We talk about the path his career took after he left the military, how he got into remote flying, and some really valuable career advice that will apply during COVID or after the pandemic is over. Listen for a fascinating conversation with a unique individual and some really great takeaways you can apply to your life and career.

3:56 - Where to look for jobs after leaving active duty

20:25 - What is was like for Pat to fly corporate aviation and how “everything is career-broadening”

25:15 - Why Pat got into remote flying

30:17 - Similarities between flying and RPA (flying an aircraft remotely)

46:53 - What pilots are doing during the pandemic and what you should be doing

47:58 - “You have to look for the opportunities in things. We are not going to have an experience like this again in our lifetime. There is an opportunity to do something here that you may not have done otherwise.”

54:27 - Why you should always have a backup plan


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