NYC Subway 1975–1985 with Gerard Exupery


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Photographing people can be such an amazing experience, and can deliver wonderful pictures too. Today I’m talking with a photographer that has dedicated his photographic life to doing just this. You’re listening to Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 105 for February 7, 2021

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Introduction I am your host, Brent Bergherm. Welcome to Latitude Photography podcast, the place where travel-outdoor photographers come to learn, grow, create and be inspired. Thank you so much for being here.

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Today we are talking about Street Photography and I’ve got a well experienced NYC photographer joining me, Gerard, welcome to the show!

The Conversation Tell us a bit about yourself, wherever you’d like to start and whatever you’d like to share about you and your photographic journey. Your book: Subway, New York City 1975–1985 Pics from the book, in a bit more detail: 42nd Street Times Square / 1975 #5 Lexington Avenue Line Platform at 59th Street Downtown / 1975 BMT at 50th Street – Rockefeller Center / 1982 49th Street Uptown Platform / 1977 Suzy on the IRT Lexington Avenue Local / 1976 IRT Broadway Local / 1978 14th Street Union Square / 1985 RR Terminal Dittmars Blvd. Astoria / 1983 Tell me a bit about shooting in NYC today What can a photographer expect from the people living there? From law enforcement? You have another project you’re releasing soon. Tell us about that.

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