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For me, the learning never stops. And I’ve said many times that if I ever do stop learning then it’s probably time for me to hang up the hat and go do something else. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 108 for March 14, 2021

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Welcome to Latitude Photography podcast, I am your host, Brent Bergherm, and it’s my goal to help you create better photographs. I’m a travel-outdoor photographer with over 23 years of shooting and 14 years’ teaching experience. Thanks for being here, where we look to continually learn, grow, create and be inspired.

Current Topic: Under the Sun

My websites episode got postponed until later (recording in a few days) so I put an inquiry in the fb group asking for more questions you’d like answered. And a few of you came through wonderfully and I’m very grateful. However, one of you asked about books, and I went wild. So, before we get into all the details there, let me quickly address a few of the other questions and then we’ll dive deep into the books discussion.

Brie Stockwell, a Latitude Regular, asked for tips on staying motivated. I’d also like to include thoughts on not letting life bog you down.

Brett Baker asked about only having one lens, what range would I go for.

Jason Torres asked about the books, and I’ve got a bunch for you, that’s coming very shortly.

Jennifer Utsler asked, “Best ways to find your subject and composition in a landscape with no obvious subject.” I love this question...

And Lori Rowland chimed in with all sorts of ideas relating to going on a photo trip with someone who’s also a photographer. There’s many benefits to that.

OK, now on to the books. However, I went overboard. Let me explain…



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