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One of the things I love about photography is the blend of its technical aspects and the creative aspects. The same can be said about web design, without good technical skills your site will fall flat. Without good design the same will happen. Today’s conversation helps us understand what works and what doesn’t for your website. This is Latitude Photography Podcast, Episode 110 for March 26, 2021

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Welcome to Latitude Photography podcast, I am your host, Brent Bergherm, and it’s my goal to help you create better photographs. I’m a travel-outdoor photographer with over 23 years of shooting and 14 years’ teaching experience. Thanks for being here, where we look to continually learn, grow, create and be inspired.


There’s a simple poll in the facebook group where I’m simply asking how you see yourself as a photographer. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced/Pro-level. I’ll leave this up marked as an announcement so it’s easy to find.

And I made another announcement regarding April’s topic to submit and that is In the Water. Go for something that is literally in or somehow interacting with water. Certainly underwater photographs count too! Have fun with it and I look forward to next months review session where we look over your submissions.

Also, I shared the link to this interview which originally happened on YouTube.


Today I’m talking about Photographer’s Websites and I have a web design professional on with me today. Alex, welcome to the show!

  • Tell us a bit about yourself, your business, anything you’d like to share with the listeners.
  • What makes a great photography website? (starting with the “why” behind recent changes)
  • Website platforms. I’m a WordPress user, and it looks like you are too. Why WP? What’s the benefit? Why struggle with all that?
  • Prepping images for performance and looking good! What can we do? has two resources for photographers to learn about different image types and compressions.
  • For landscape photographers, the market is beyond saturated. What can we do to rise above the others?
  • UI/UX for a photographer’s website. Tips on that front? How does it affect rankings?
  • Any last thoughts, SEO, other ideas?

Listener website reviews

CW Smith: (not sure the platform)

Steve Blackett: (squarespace)

Jerry Sargent: (wp)

David Medeiros: (wp)

Ana Lederhos: (not sure on the platform)

Jason Rinto: (smugmug)


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