Getting Uncomfortable: Your True Path to Success


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Mo Elkhamissy spent twenty years training to be a professional soccer player, only to find that his dream was not possible. Graduating college right as 9/11 struck, no one would even look at his CV because his name was Mohammed. Later on, he was given the opportunity to run a company generating over $1 billion in sales while his one-year-old daughter was diagnosed with an “incurable” form of cancer. Because of his path, MK views success as a means of helping others. He regards success and winning as a moral duty that enables people to help others. He believes that being humble makes you strong and that being strong makes you happy. MK’s accomplishments came despite the fact that he is an average person–which means that by following his advice anyone can achieve success.

Show Notes

“Quitting because you don’t want to be uncomfortable will prevent you from growing.” – Amy Morin

You probably already know that what lies between your ears has the greatest capacity to impact your life. Everything begins with a thought which manifests into attitudes and actions, with longstanding impact.

This week, The Entrepreneurial You podcast invites ***** to explore the power of positive thought.

Here is a snippet of what Mo shared:

“Having the right intent in why you’re building that business is awesome. I think that this whole idea of Entrepreneurship is fake. It’s fake insurance. Building a business that services your community and understanding supply and demand, like you’re a merchant a thousand years ago is the way forward. If whatever you’re doing right now doesn’t work and if the new economy, which is not hard to figure out doesn’t serve your business, just fail now, pivot and do something new and don’t look at it as a failure. No one is going to say anything about anything that failed in 2020.”

Listen to the episode and let us know what is your biggest takeaway.

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