Bellgrove Plantation | The Grave Talks Revisited


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Many people and paranormal groups have tried to answer the question of "Is the Bellgrove Plantation Haunted"? Even the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters has investigated the Bellgrove Plantation. All who enter the Bellgrove Plantation, come back away have an equivalent answer . . . There is definitely something there. We have seen apparitions. We've heard voices and sounds. We've seen a ball of light in broad daylight! We've seen pictures that just can’t be explained. These are all statements have been made about the house.
How haunted is the Bellgrove Plantation?
Among the unimaginable volume of proof that has been gathered, one of great interest is the witnessing of a girl dressed in white standing on the balcony, additionally, an African–American girl in a very yellow dress wearing a turban leave the room carrying something. Another apparition of a soldier walking past the spectator so clearly that the color of his hair was defined and has also been caught at the Bellgrove Plantation.
Today we hear the full history of The Bellgrove Plantation.

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