Demonic Culture | A Conversation With Peter James Dowling


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Is demonic activity on the rise? Is there something in our culture that has turned a switch onto "high" when it comes to the world of dark energies infesting our environment? There is a hierarchical system of demons who want to maintain control of the living and seem to stop at nothing to do so. How does living protect themselves from such forces? Today we discuss Demonic Culture with Peter James Dowling on The Grave Talks.

  • What were some of Peter’s fears when he began investigating demons and trying to help people who were suffering?
  • What does Peter fear today now that this is part of your world?
  • Is Peter now a target for dark entities, even after you leave a case, almost because dark entities view him as a threat?
  • People falling into a dark trap who went into demonology, what were some of those traps?
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