Ghost Box: Origin Story, A Conversation with Bruce Halliday


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Before there was widespread “ghost hunting,” there was Bruce Halliday. A little boy who witnessed the spirit of a deceased family friend wandering the halls of his family’s apartment building in Brooklyn. This single experience would later inspire Bruce to question and dig deeper into the concept of being able not only to see the dead but to communicate with them as well. Through several decades of research, Bruce has been one of the key players in developing and perfecting the practice of what is today known as the “ghost box.” How did he get there, and what power does the ghost box hold? That’s what we discuss today on The Grave Talks.

  • What inspired Bruce to venture into the world, improving communication with spirits through the “ghost box.”
  • Wouldn’t the spirit energy need perfect timing from broadcasts to piece together its messages based on what is coming from the broadcast signals at the time?
  • How did the evolution of the ghost box take place?
  • Can an individual request speak to a specific spirit when using a ghost box?
  • Is there ever a risk that the person you believe you are contacting through the ghost box is not that person at all?
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