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Robert Field inherited the property that would later be known as The White Hill Mansion from his father in 1757. As a successful merchant, Robert built a comfortable mansion on the property. Robert married Mary Peel in 1765. The marriage would be cut short by death, as Robert drowned under mysterious circumstances on January 29, 1775.
Mary lived at White Hill Mansion throughout the RevolutionaryWar and thanks to her cunning intelligence helped the property survived intact. In 1797 Mary signed over the property to her son, Robert III. Unfortunately, he lost the entire property due to mismanagement in 1804.
The White Hill Mansion has changed hands many times since the original owners, occupied by inventors, doctors and a State Senator. In 1923 an upscale German Restaurant often visited by New Jersey’s elite was opened in The White Hill Mansion. In 1972 the restaurant was sold. It was twice sold after that and finally to the Stepan planned to demolish the house, the Borough stepped in and bought the White Hill Mansion, saving it from destruction.
A restoration project of The White Hill Mansion began in 2004. Over 30,000 artifacts were uncovered, as well as several building foundations and evidence of native American occupation.
Many spirits are still said to haunt the halls of The White Hill Mansion. Today we learn who they are.

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