How to be a Social media Influencer (15 Advanced Tactics)


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It is no secret that social media has taken over the world and has changed the way we consume media, it has even opened up a whole new job market which allows people to use social media as a full-time career. Join Rob today as he describes how you can become a social media influencer by using these 15 tactics. Discover how to attract big guests to interview on your podcast or YouTube channel, the importance of posting engaging content more regularly and how to repurpose your existing content.


  • It has been proven that if you go through struggles, people will want to support you. The harder something is for you to achieve, the more people will support and encourage you. Social media challenges have become increasingly popular among consumers. The more challenging something is the more people will view it as a worthy item to view.

  • There are a few techniques you can try in order to attract big guests for your YouTube channel or your podcast. Things such as using Instagram DM’s on a Sunday evening has proven to be effective. Voice memos are sometimes effective as this offers a pattern interrupt in comparison to a text message. Finally, getting connected via others in the industry works well by using your network.

  • If you want to be a real social media influencer, then you have got to up your game on your content. Take your content from one a week to three a week and eventually up to one a day per platform. Upping the volume of your content really helps to grow your audience and engagement. Learn how different social media platforms use different algorithms, which will dictate how much reach you can get when you start to increase your social media presence.

  • Interviews are a great way to boost your social media influence as it allows you to be next to really successful people. The great thing about doing one interview is that you can leverage the content and use it on a variety of different platforms meaning you are able to create a much bigger perception of your reach and influence. The great thing about interviews is that it is not just about the good content you receive from the guest but it allows you to reach their audience as well.

  • Anything that you believe that is different, surprising and against the masses will become a popular social media post. Content detailing your contrarian views on why you think something is wrong or how you believe you can disprove something will allow you to gain a larger reach for your post as it makes consumers stop and think and open up for discussion.

  • Repurpose long-form content. You may create one piece of content, and be able to find six or seven uses for it by utilising all of your various social media platforms. The longer-form content you have, the more repurposable it will become as you can cut and edit the original content to create a number of different pieces which again, you can utilise throughout various social media channels. Repurposing content will make it seem as though you are on social media all day long when in reality you are likely to be active for just 90 minutes.


“Ultimately to be an influencer, you have to be watchable.”

“Don’t be scared to shoot for the big fish.”

“People will share things that make them look good. This is really important.”

“The more time I spend on social media the more it seems to benefit me, my brand, my reach and my exposure.”


“You can use it as a business and sales growth strategy, rather than just a ‘nice to have’ as you grow your business.”

“I still believe you should reward them with kindness, with gratitude, with service.”

“They will be some of your best evangelists, and they will almost make their job referring to you.”



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