10 Things About Muse


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There are some bands that you can take at face value, what you see is what you get.

Then there are others which have backstories that go on for ever and ever.

Pearl Jam is one U2 Green Day. Nirvana and also Muse.

Muse is an interesting case because we here in North America, we're a little slow to catch on to what they were doing.

They'd already been massive stars in the U.K., Europe and Japan before they hit North America. This sort of thing doesn't happen very often. It's like we suddenly and collectively discovered a band that was already in full flight, a deep library filled with road tested and chart tested songs.

A solid live show and some very impressive musicianship. It was like we walk into a party that was already in Top Gear. North America has now embraced music every album and tours a big event.

But then there's still that back story. We're still sorting through it, even though you may be a fan. How much about Muse? Do you really know? Let's find out.

I call this show 10 Things about Muse.

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