Dr. Juni on Extending Stay-At-Home Order, Greyhound Canada closed, Ford on LRT & PM cleared in WE Scandal


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The Bill Kelly Show Podcast:

Premier Doug Ford has officially extended the stay-at-home order imposed in early April until June 2nd in an effort to, in his words, ``save the summer.''

Ford says it's necessary to keep thousands of businesses and public schools closed to bring down COVID-19 cases while the province ramps up vaccinations.

He also says the ban on outdoor recreational facilities will also remain in place in order to limit group travel to activities such as golf, and other behaviour that could contribute to spread of the virus.

The province's top doctor has said he would like to see ``well below'' 1,000 daily cases before Ontario lifts the stay-at-home order.

ALSO: U.S. CDC eases guidance on indoor mask-wearing for those fully vaccinated against COVID-19

GUEST: Dr. Peter Juni, Director of Ontario’s Science Table and a Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at the University of Toronto


Greyhound has permanently closed its services in Canada after nearly a century, the inter-city bus operator said on Thursday, as the COVID-19 pandemic dented demand for public transport.

The move is a blow to Canada’s rural communities, which have relied on buses to connect them to larger towns. The company ended all services in western Canada in 2018 due to falling ridership in rural areas and increased competition.

GUEST: Marvin Ryder, Business Professor with the DeGroote School of Business with McMaster University


Premier Doug Ford joined Bill Kelly to discuss Hamilton’s LRT, the extended lockdown, outdoor activities, his push for borders to be closed and Ontario’s vaccine rollout.

GUEST: Premier Doug Ford


Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion has ruled that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not breach the Conflict of Interest Act in relation to his involvement in granting WE Charity a federal contract, but former finance minister Bill Morneau placed himself in a conflict of interest “on several occasions.”

Dion’s findings follow two separate investigations prompted by concerns raised by opposition MPs about both Trudeau and Morneau failing to recuse themselves from the 2020 cabinet decision to pay WE Charity $43.5 million to manage a $912 million student summer service program, despite their close personal family connections to the charity.

The ethics commissioner said in his report released Thursday, that Morneau—who left cabinet and resigned as an MP in the face of this controversy last summer—breached various sections of the Act by “improperly furthering WE’s private interests, by failing to recuse himself from decisions relating to WE, and by giving WE preferential treatment.”

GUEST: Andrew McDougall, Professor of Political Science with the University of Toronto

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