Afghan Interpreters, Disinformation Campaigns, & The Olympics


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ON this episode, Alex talks with Robin Rickards, a retired Corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces, and member of "Not Left Behind". They discuss the recent announcement by the Canadian federal government saying they will help relocate and protect Afghan interpreters who aided Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, who have become the targets of the Taliban.
Next, Alex speaks with Ed Dubrovsky, Managing Partner at Cytelligence Canada and Executive Cyber Advisor to the CEO and Board of award-winning Zero Trust security developer Qnext Corp. They discuss the recent warning by CSIS regarding the steady and increasing foreign interference by State actors in elections. This will erode trust, disrupt debate and divide the people, and not through the actual electoral process, but through spreading disinformation and hate through social media.
And finally, Alex talks with Daniel Tisch, President and CEO of Argyle Public Relations. They talk about the Tokyo Olympics losing some of its major sponsors and brands, and what this may mean for the future of branding at the Olympics.

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