The Montreal Canadiens, International Espionage, & Mary Simon


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ON this episode, Alex talks with Lorne Honickman, Global News Radio Legal Expert & Partner at Brauti Thorning LLP. They discuss the Montreal Canadiens drafting Logan Mailloux to the team, despite his sexual misconduct controversy, and what this could mean for the Habs.
Next, Alex speaks with Christian Leuprecht, Professor at both the Royal Military College of Canada & Queens University, as well as Fellow at the Macdonald Laurier Institute & Author of Intelligence as Democratic Statecraft. They discuss the recent warning from CSIS to Canadian Universities about international espionage, and what bad actor states are likely involved.
And finally, Alex speaks with David Onley, who was the 28th Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario (2007-2014). They discuss the new Governor-General Mary Simon being sworn into office today. They talk about her speech at the ceremony, what she can bring to the table, and if she will do a better job than her predecssor.

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