Big Tech Is a Street Gang | Guests: Sen. Mike Lee & Seth Dillon | 10/29/20


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Glenn and Stu recap the Senate’s Section 230 hearing with the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Glenn will be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame tonight. Sen. Mike Lee joins to discuss the importance of the Electoral College and if anything will come out of the Senate’s Big Tech hearing. Will the Hunter Biden story disappear if Joe Biden wins the presidency? Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon discusses how Facebook recently demonetized the Bee’s page over a clearly satirical article. Glenn reviews Tucker Carlson’s claim that damaging documents about the Biden family vanished in the overnight shipping. Gina Bontempo, manager of BlazeTV’s Candace Owens, speaks about her PragerU “Stories of Us” video and how she went from hating America to loving it.

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