Ep 82 | Vox Co-Founder & Glenn Agree: 'We Aren't That Far Apart' | Matthew Yglesias | The Glenn Beck Podcast


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The tongue-in-cheek working title for this podcast was “Dangerous Conversations.” But two years later, our growing inability to get along has mutated into something truly dangerous: All the more reason to have conversations like this one. Glenn sits down with Vox co-founder Matthew Yglesias, who’s supposed to be a bitter enemy. But while they still disagree on plenty, they really aren’t that far apart. For starters, Yglesias lays out in his new book, “One Billion Americans,” that America IS a great land of opportunity, and the immense threat of China should refocus our efforts from fighting each other to working together for all of our benefit. And we start by speaking to each other.

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