Is Wokeness Racist? | Guests: Eric Schmitt & John Mueller | 7/22/20


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A Black Lives Matter activist in London wants to “get rid of” white men. There’s been a rise of anti-Semitism surrounding BLM and Joe Biden’s campaign. Glenn presents Day 57 of the Woke Party’s struggle against whiteness. Wokeness and racism are oddly similar. John Mueller, the police commissioner of Yonkers, New York, describes the ridiculous standards New York City has put on police. Just as Glenn predicted, Islamists and communists are working together. Tensions heat up between the U.S. and China in Houston, and China orders Christians to replace crosses with photos of Mao. Eric Schmitt, attorney general of Missouri, explains why he’s taking action to dismiss charges against the McCloskeys. Is Kanye West having a mental meltdown?

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