5E News for Week 02 of 2021 - New Book Candlekeep Mysteries Announced


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#Dnd5E News =There is a new book coming soon announced yesterday Candlekeep Mysteries. We have a few topics onit. Including articles on Forbes Site from Rob Wieland (@robowieland) & one by Christian Hoffer (@CHofferCBus). Moreover, there is a new D&D5E magazine by Matthew Colville DM [MCDM] (@helloMCDM) with James Intracaso (@JamesIntrocaso)as Managing Editor. In addition, hear about a new volume of Homebrew content from D&D Unleashed. Plus, We check out an article by Mat Elfring (@ImMatElfring) on new D&D Miniature Dragons. Plus, much more! In total it lasts a little over 48 minutes.


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