Metagaming Moment CCLXI - Week 01 DMs Guild Update 2021


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#DnD5e #DMsGuild News =First, the review of Mike's (@drlabossiere) Free Encounter #68: Skeletal Scholar. I recommend this with exceptions. Second, I cover Jeremy "frothsof" Smith (@FROTHSOF) return to telling us about the best free and pay what you want! Welcome back Frothsof! Third, I look at CBR’s JAMES HANNA (@BullFrogJam) article on James Intracaso’s (@JamesIntrocaso) My Dad’s Monster Manual. Finally we have 27 new Adventure League Titles with some of the Border Kingdoms Series, Garycon and Baldman Games Moonsea Series.This lasts 1 hour & 4 minutes.


Mike's Free Encounter #68: Skeletal Scholar

New Articles About Dungeon Master’s Guild Products on the Internet:

Free and Pay-What-You-Want 5e DMs Guild Highlights: Week Ending 1.3.21

previous posts in this series of Free or Pay What you want posts on frothof’s articles

Mike's Free Map Collection #11

WindyJ's DM Screen of Superior Referencing

Monster Magazine

My Dad's Monster Manual: James Introcaso and Father Rewrite the Classics

Attack on Peltarch

Keep Better Track of Time in Tabletop RPGs with TIME & CALENDARS

Top Five Most Popular Products on the DMs Guild

Exploring Eberron

Tasha's Crucible of Everything Else Volume 1

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Complete DM's Bundle (maps, guides, cheatsheets and more)

Monster Manual Expanded (5E)

Monster Manual Expanded II (5E)

Five Newest Free or Pay What You Want Products

Piible's Plumage

New Neverwinter

Eltrå's Anycolor Inkwell

Breaking Waves

Table Top Tips session 0 checklist

New Adventure League Adventures on the Dungeon Masters Guild

Glasya's Little Helpers

CCC-GARY-16: My Immortal Loneliness

CCC-GARY-17 A Simple Plan

CCC-BMG MOON 8-1 Blood on the Moors

CCC-BMG MOON 8-2 Breasal Strife

CCC-BMG MOON 8-3 A Grim View of Farview

DDEP10-00 The Great Knucklehead Rally

CCC-SAC-04 One With the Storm

CCC-SAC-05 Fey in Hell

CCC-HERO-BK03-01 A Walk Along the Borders

CCC-HERO-BK03-02 The Fire Rekindled

CCC-HERO-BK03-03 A Lute Strung Double

CCC-HERO-BK3-04 Lilium Inter Spinas

CCC-PSA-01 In the Darkest of Times

CCC-TCW-WSF-1 A Change of Heart

CCC-UCON02-01 The Goat Mayor

CCC-UCON02-02 Rescue Down Under

CCC-DWB-GAT-1 To Give and to Take

CCC-DWB-EoG-1 The Enemy of Greed

CCC-DWB-ANH-1 A Negotiated Heist

Stygia: A Refuge In the Cold

CCC-RPSG-04 The Waystop

CCC-RPSG-05 Through the Ashes and Flames

CCC-RPSG-06 Of Caravans and Crossings

CCC-RPSG-07 In Good Company

CCC-MAYDAYS-02-01 King Obould's Fist

CCC-GSP-03-01 Heartfelt Memories

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