EPISODE 112: When COVID Sparks Heart Magic with Rebecca Winn and Alicia Crysta Easter


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Two previous guests (See Episodes 100 and 107) share ways that the pandemic has helped open, strengthen and inspire their hearts, sparking some forever changes for the mighty hearts. Both of these Supeheroes of Love are out in the world doing what they can to help us all heal our hearts.

First we hear from Alicia Crysta Easter of ACE Yoga LA who is a yoga and meditation instructor, a ray of light shining leading us through Black Lives Matter and guiding us toward better allyship. ACE is the creator of a new line of inspiring candles like this Superhero of Love beauty which says it all: I AM LOVE!

Next we hear from Bestselling Author, Rebecca Winn whose extraordinary book One Hundred Daffodils: Finding Beauty, Grace & Meaning When Things Fall Apart came out on Day #1 of the pandemic in her home town of Dallas, TX. Sometimes a change is sparked by a fairy godmother swooping in....Rebecca tells us one such real-life fairy tale lesson she received.

What mysterious gifts has the pandemic brought to your heart? Tune in to be inspired by some of the gifts you may have missed and others that you are bound to draw in.

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