The Anxiety Sisters’ Survival Guide


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Let’s face it, our world can be fraught with worry, stress and anxiousness. We all experience these emotions from time to time or even for some, live with it on a regular basis. What if you could learn to live happily with anxiety?
Meet Abbe Greenberg, MCIS, and Maggie Sarachek, MSW, (AKA, Abs and Mags, The Anxiety Sisters), chronic anxiety sufferers and authors of the acclaimed book, THE ANXIETY SISTERS’ SURVIVAL GUIDE: How You Can Become More Hopeful, Connected, and Happy (Penguin Random House), who are changing the way people around the globe are managing and – living happily with anxiety!
In THE ANXIETY SISTERS’ SURVIVAL GUIDE, they offer an arsenal of real-world, non-judgmental, research-based techniques, exercises, and insights—without the clinical, confusing, one-size-fits-all approach that isn’t so helpful when your mind is racing, your anxiety is in overdrive, and you just want to get back to feeling normal…ish.
Despite the obstacles, Abs and Mags have learned how to live happily with their anxiety and can teach readers to do the same.
In this must-listen power-hour of enlightYOUment, Abs and Mags share their Secret Sauce to thriving with anxiety – acceptance, agency and connection. And they even offer tips for combating anxiety and panic attacks with their novel advice for building your own special “Spin Kit!”
They talk about your super powers, and remind every listener they are not alone in their anxiety journey as they discuss just how widespread and far-reaching the effects and statistics are regarding anxiety. They put the spotlight on the importance of community. And while they may be the Anxiety Sisters, they have created quite a family of sisters, brothers, friends and like-minded supporters founded on relationships with a special understanding and bond with more than a 200-thousand-plus community who ride the waves of anxiety, tethered in friendship and fellowship.
Abs and Mags speak to the importance of optimism, mindset, and offer many tips to help with our worry, stress and anxiety challenges because as they share, anxiety isn’t going anywhere. In fact, In THE ANXIETY SISTERS’ SURVIVAL GUIDE, readers learn 31.1% of adults in the U.S. will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. Abs and Mags believe in “prepping for panic” because they have journeyed with it throughout their lives and want to share their experiences and wisdom with others so everyone can live more abundant and happily and not be barricaded by the many challenges that come with anxiety. Listener’s will cherish their sage approaches allowing us to live more fully in the present with what life brings our way! It's a timely, educational, wisdom-rich, authentic hour from beginning to end that every Aging Rebel is certain to enjoy and be more empowered to dial back the stress!
For more information about Abbe Greenberg or Maggie Sarachek, subscribe to their award-winning blog, Spin Cycle Podcast, access their coaching, learn more about their workshops or retreats, or purchase their book, The Anxiety Sisters’ Survival Guide, also available at your favorite book retailers, visit them at: or to join their Facebook community, visit
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