EP 92: The Eclipse Shit Show


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The May 26 Lunar Eclipse and June 10 Solar Eclipse across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis have a lot to teach us about thoughts patterns and beliefs. Where are you stuck? That's exactly where the Universe is going to cause a shit show in your life to help wake you up. Mercury Retrograde square Neptune during these next few weeks adds to the muck.
Maria's guest today, psychic medium Joe Perreta, discuss the current cosmic energy and how to best navigate - and thrive from it.
Maria and Joe chat about:
- The current Venus-Neptune square and delusions around love, finance and self-worth
- Mercury retrograde square Neptune and the massive mental fog connected to it
- The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius that occurred on May 26 and why you need to let go of a belief pattern
- The upcoming Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10
- Personal Eclipse stories to bring the astrology to life
To learn more about Joe, visit http://www.joeperreta.com/
Connect with Maria DeSimone at www.Insightfulastrology.com

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