Ep. 122 – America in Hospice


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Rebecca reiterates the importance of the Supreme Court, Smitha shares her secrets of successful activism, and Megan unpacks Qualified Immunity.



Action of the week:

Trump has abandoned America and Congress must act. The Senate must act to help fight COVID and police brutality. The House must investigate Trump and his GOP for their dereliction of duty – attacking protestors and abandoning our troops to be hunted by Russia. Congress mut:

  1. Pass the HEROS ACT in the senate.
  2. Pass the Justice in Policing Act of 2020 in the Senate
  3. Investigate Barr’s treatment of protesters with tear gas and removal of SDNY US Attorney.
  4. Investigate Russians attacking our troops and lack of Trump’s response


Elizabeth Warren drags Pence: https://medium.com/@SenWarren/my-letter-to-vice-president-pence-chair-of-the-white-house-coronavirus-task-force-6825fafef23e

Antiracist work: https://justiceinjune.org/

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