Ep. 124 – Good Trouble: Stories from the Portland Protests for Black Lives


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Smitha & Rebecca talk with two activist moms about their experiences at the recent Portland Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the presence of federal agents in Portland, and how you can help.


Wall of Moms / Portland Protests / Federal Occupation

Governor, Mayor, in talks about a ‘Ceasefire’ with the Federal Government

Reimagine Oregon Plan:

Legislative Action in the OR Leg this week, per Rep Janelle Bynum

How to Help

  • The Portland General Defense Committee‘s GoFundMe supports those arrested by using donations “to pay for bail, legal fees and fines, lawyers, discovery, investigations, personal material support and any other financial needs that arise during the legal process.” Donate Here
  • The Portland-based Black Youth Movement aims to amplify Black voices in the city, with a current focus on defunding the police and redistributing resources. Donate Here
  • Don’t Shoot PDX is a Black-led, community-driven nonprofit organization. Donate Here
  • Defense Fund PDX is a jail support group whose work involves prioritizing the release of BIPOC and queer people from jail, as well as supporting those without homes. You can Venmo donations @defensefundpdx.
  • Equitable Giving Circle is a nonprofit organization that works to build economic equity among Portland’s BIPOC communities. Donate Here
  • Snack Bloc PDX supports community rallies, events, vigils, and more. Donate Here
  • Portland Action Medics is a group of volunteer medics who provide first aid to those injured at direct actions or protests. You can Venmo donations @Rosehip-medics.

Care Not Cops is an organization working to end policing in Portland and redistribute resources according to community needs. Support Them Here

Contact Mayor Ted Wheeler:







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