WKPWP Interview Classic: (5-26-16) Jim Ross talks Cody's future, Reigns conundrum, Ryback issues, SD going live, Brand Split do's and don'ts


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PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents an Interview Classic from five years ago (5-26-2016). This Interview Classic features PWTorch editor Wade Keller’s interview with Jim Ross with a predominant focus on WWE’s announcement that Smackdown goes live on Tuesdays in July and will include a distinct roster from Raw. Ross dissects the possible benefits and pitfalls of such a major change in WWE’s structure, looks back at the prior brand split and what is different today, his preference for how the separate rosters would be structured and how champions should be ideally featured. Also, live calls and emails delve into more aspects of the brand split and other topics. Plus some Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and NBA OKC Thunder-Golden State Warriors talk at the end.

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