59. Save the soil, save the world! A chat with the director of The Need To Grow


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Did you know that we have merely 60 years left of growable soil? That is if we continue doing farming the way we do today, with destructive practices like tilling, mono-cropping, and fertilizer use. The good thing is that soil has an incredible ability to regenerate itself and that it's hungry for carbon. And if it's something we have way too much of in our atmosphere today, it's just that. So by changing our agricultural practices and build for healthy soils, we can create a machine that will not only grow more nutrient dense foods, but also help sequester all the CO2 currently stored in our air.

In other words - no only do we have the ability to save the soil, but if we do, the soil might very well save us.

This is live Q&A with Rob Herring, the director of the incredible film The Need To Grow. If you haven't seen the film already I highly recommend you watch it - head over to www.theneedtogrow.com and start getting excited about soil!

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