64. Gamifying Climate Action


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Do you know your carbon footprint? How would your everyday actions change if you did?

In this episode, we talk to Josie Stoker, a wonderful young woman from Britain who spent the last 7 years in Asia, where she worked alongside Indigenous communities to bring their knowledge to corporate leadership teams. Having seen first-hand the effects of climate change today, she became passionate about empowering people to turn eco-anxiety into eco-action, and she’s excited about the role technology can play in supporting everyday people in their ambitions to take climate action.

Today, Josie is CoFounder and CEO at Capture - a B2B helping companies build a planet-friendly workforce. It also serves as an app that anyone can download and use to start tracking his or her individual carbon footprint, so make sure to check it out!

In the episode:

  • How much ice do you actually melt when taking a flight?
  • Do individual actions actually matter and if so, why?
  • What is the difference is between climate change and environmental destruction?
  • What role should companies play in building a better world?

Website: https://www.thecapture.club/

Instagram: @thecaptureapp


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