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Episode 71 sees Liam speaking to Kellie Nowell, sister of the late great Bradley Nowell, singer of the legendary 90's reggae ska-punk band - Sublime.

Kellie is now the spearhead of the 'Nowell Family Foundation' that provides addiction recovery services to the music community.

The foundation is currently raising funds to open 'Bradley's House', a six-bed recovery facility that will provide treatment for people in the music industry with opioid addiction, regardless of their financial situation.

They have partnered with LAW Records and released The House that Bradley Built, a compilation album of Sublime covers. Go pick up a copy of the album via this link.

For the next two weeks, all profits from the sale of the 'Punks in Pubs' T-shirts will also go to support the foundation as well, so if you've been holding off on getting a T-shirt, now's the time to go pick one up. You can do that via this link or Google 'Punks In Pubs T-shirts Etsy'

You can expect Liam and Kellie to talk about the foundation (obviously) and the compilation album. Kellie opens up about life growing up with Bradley, their mutual love for music and his ability to hustle, but Kellie also discusses her anger at Bradley for not being around to tell the stories himself after passing away in 1996 from a heroin overdose.

In this episode, both Liam and Kellie speak openly about addiction, which might be difficult for some people to listen to. If any of the topics explored in this episode impact you, you can contact:






For other countries, please google for your nearest assistance clinics.

Thank you to Chiara for sponsoring this episode. You can watch a trailer for her movie 'The New Music' via this link.
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