#499: How to Hire an Assistant and a Friend - Andrejka Hirschegger


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You're ready to hire an assistant. You have a friend who would be PERFECT for the position. Could it work?

Andrejka Hirschegger and Becky Gast have been friends since college, and are now in a boss-employee relationship as well! Listen in to episode 499 of The Bokeh Podcast to hear their advice for ensuring your friend is the "right" person for the job, as well as suggestions for how to set boundaries once the working relationship is in place.

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Andrejka's experience of delegation through working with Photographer's Edit (4:32)

What was Andrejka's impetus for hiring an assistant? (14:45)

How did Andrejka and Becky handle the apprehension of working together as friends? (18:50)

What were Becky's initial pain points of working for a friend? (25:15)

Understanding that her work was to service Andrejka's brand

What are the top 3 qualities of a good boss - according to Becky? (27:50)

1. Clear communication

2. Patience

3. Empathy

What were the learning opportunities for Andrejka in delegating to Becky? (32:25)

What would be the lines that can't be crossed that would cause Andrejka to not continue in a working relationship? (35:30)

What are the top qualities photographers should look for when hiring an assistant? (41:40)

1. Shared values

2. Someone who fills in your gaps

3. Ensure you can trust who you hire

4. Strong communication skills





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