Autumn Lee Stone


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On August 30th, 2019, the body of Autumn Lee Stone was found in Green Lake in Seattle, Washington. She was found by a man paddleboarding who thought at first that she was a turtle in the water. When the police pulled Autumn's body out of the water, they found her shoelaces tied together around her neck. Within just an hour of Autumn's body being found police said there was no foul play and told journalists that Autumn had taken her own life.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the mysterious death of Autumn Lee Stone. Did Autumn really take her own life or was she the victim of foul play? There are many questions that surround this case. Autumn allegedly told a friend that she was meeting her ex-boyfriend out at Green Lake. There were allegations that this man abused their 5-week-old child. Autumn's family does not believe she ended her life and thinks the police called it a suicide too quickly. Notes written by Autumn and mishandled evidence from the crime scene cloud this baffling case.

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