Christy Crystal Creek


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Christy Crystal Creek was the name given to an unidentified female murder victim found near the town of Bonner in Missoula County, Missouri in 1985. She was named after the road near where she was found. Investigators had very little to work with in trying to identify her and went down a lot of avenues that turned out to be incorrect. A number of varying models and composites hindered the identification efforts.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the case of Christy Crystal Creek. It took investigators 36 years, and the help of advancements in DNA, to make the announcement that Christy Crystal Creek was actually Janet Lee Lucas. All efforts then switched to trying to identify Janet's murderer. Police had no idea why Janet was in Montana or even how she got there. But, one name kept popping up in the investigation, suspected serial killer Wayne Nance.

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