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Manuel Gehring was a man who was not happy with his life. He had a hard time holding down a job. He wasn't happy that his marriage to his wife Teri had ended and that she had found and married another man. Manuel was also not happy with the custody and child support arrangement that he had with his wife. He wasn't happy that in June 2003, Father's Day fell on Teri's weekend with the kids. And, when Sarah and Philip disappeared over the Fourth of July holiday, Teri and the police feared the worst. Unfortunately, they were correct; Manuel Gehring had done the unthinkable.

Join Mike and Morf as we discuss the case of Manuel Gehring, a man who took the lives of his two innocent children. When police finally found him after a cross-country trip, Manuel confessed to the murders. But, he could not remember or would not tell the police where he buried the bodies of his children. Teri never gave up hope, and, to her rescue, came an unlikely hero. A woman in Ohio worked diligently as an amateur detective, and along with her dog Rico, she helped find Sarah's and Philip's bodies and return them to their mother.

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