The McStay Family Murders


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In 2010, Joseph and Summer McStay and their two young children vanished in California. The police had trouble figuring out exactly what happened to the family of four. Over the years, many theories were floated including that a grainy video showed the family fleeing to Mexico. Many theories revolved around Summer having something to do with Joseph's murder and then taking off with the children. But, when the bodies of the family were found years later, those theories were dispelled. In the end, the police pieced together that one of Joseph's business associates was involved.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the bizarre case of the McStay family murders. Joseph owned a business and there were a number of financial transactions that didn't quite add up. But, the police had an uphill battle. The McStay home had been cleaned up by family members. Eyewitnesses came forward to give a description that police followed up on for yes, only to find out later that it was based on lies. They worked through all of this until they were finally able to pin down one man, Chase Merritt, as the culprit responsible for murdering all four of the McStays.

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