Wife of a Preacherman: Mary Winkler


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No one really knows what happens between two people in a marriage. But after events in the home of couple Mary and Matthew Winkler led to a deadly shooting, everyone had an opinion. Mary and Matthew had married young. Matthew was a preacher for the Church of Christ in a small town in Tennessee. Depending on who you’re talking to, Matthew was either a devoted family man or an abusive deviant and Mary was either a long-suffering victim or a repressed and vindictive wife.
Join us at the quiet end for The Wife of a Preacherman. In 2006, Mary Winkler became involved in a financial scam. She wrote bad checks and opened a separate bank account almost certainly without Matthew’s knowledge. Then, just days before Matthew would learn about her banking escapades, he was on their bedroom floor, bleeding to death, while Mary took their three children and left town in the family van. This should be an interesting discussion today because Dick and I have some different takes on what happened and if the punishment fit the crime.
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