Pedophile Rehab, Ecosexual, & Adult Breastfeeding


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Arielle identifies as a pedaficionado which means she love listening to podcasts and watching documentaries about pedophiles, Michael Jackson may have been the King of Pop to some people but to Arielle he is the King of Pedophiles, Ava has a plan to help help pedophiles by creating methadone-type clinics for pedophiles that are staffed by developing transgirls, Arielle talked to Leslie Jordan at a comedy festival and turns out he has a baptism fetish, women shouldn't be allowed to baptise people because nobody wants to see a hard dick in wet church trousers, a racist Trump supporting furry got banned from a furry convention and spends way too much time making high quality racist fursuits, ecosexual is a thing and it's cool but it isn't cool if you call yourself an ecosexual, we talk about partnering with NobEssence who makes badass wooden sex toys, most people are fucking dumb and boring and basic and we can totally tell just by looking at what folks put on their Tinder profiles, the Fetish of the Week is adult breastfeeding!

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